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jeudi 30 mai 2013

La naf - dés de blocage 2013

il n'y aura pas de dés de blocage pour 2013 car GW ne va pas reconduire son soutien à la NAF?
la Naf vous propose donc le set ci-après

pour les anglophones:

No "Block Dice"? Seriously?!?

Since some of the Blood Bowl community doesn't go (that often), to the NAF site/forum, I suppose this can be of some use.

The following announcement was posted early on today (23rd May 2013), in the NAF forum, by Dave (Lycos), the President.

Dear Members
This is always an exciting time of year as the NAF announces new dice. We are keeping this tradition but sadly, after ten years, Games Workshop has brought this great tradition of new block dice to an end.

We tried many angles with GW, but ultimately the licensing department would not renew our deal meaning that, for 2013, a new colour of blocking dice cannot be issued. We have good relations with GW and hope that with continued communication this may change in the future.

This year we will instead be issuing matching coloured sets of 2D6, plus a D8 and a D16. In the great tradition of the NAF, the new colour and unique design will be announced at the NAF Championship 2013 and attendees renewing their membership can get their new dice. A picture of the new dice will go up on the website shortly afterwards.

We are excited about our new dice, however we also have stocks of some of the classic back catalogue of dice and are very well aware that many would like to get their hands on some. So until further notice, when members renew or sign up, we will be able to fulfill their request for block dice. Current supplies are Red, Yellow, Light Blue, Light Green and Silver.

We hope you're as enthusiastic as we are about this fabulous opportunity for NAF members to expand their collections of Blood Bowl accessories. The brand new dice sets will be available from June 1st this year, but members will have the option to request dice from our classic collections (as above) instead.

Happy dice rolling!

NAF President

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